Chris Beesley Studio Gallery -

Original Paintings

Please find below a selection of original paintings that we have for sale.
I will keep adding to this on a regular basis.

 Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

' I did it on porpoise'
20'' x 16'' Framed original oil painting
Price: £165.00
Watching You
16'' x 12'' Framed original watercolour
Price: £115.00
Sunset Run SOLD
30'' x 24'' Framed Original Oil Painting
Price: £250.00
The Wave
10'' x 12'' Framed original oil painting
Price: £85.00
Midnight Run
30'' x 40'' Framed original oil Painting
Price: £285.00
The White Stallion
24'' 18'' Acrylic painted onto boxed canvas
Price: £95.00
Derwent Water SOLD
Original Soft Pastel 18'' x 24'' Framed
Price: £125.00
Venice SOLD
12'' x 10'' Original oil painting Framed in a silver frame
Price: £135.00
The Wave
16'' x 12'' Original Mounted Watercolour
Price: £65.00
Red Tailed Hawk
12'' x 10'' Original oil Painting framed
Price: £165.00
20'' x 16'' Original Oil Painting on boxed canvas
Price: £175.00
St Ives Harbour
22'' x 18'' Original oil painting on boxed canvas
Price: £135.00
Hungry Eyes
22'' x 18'' Original Pastel on Velour.
Price: £235.00
Bluebell Woods
24'' x 24'' Original Acrylic on Boxed Canvas
Price: £85.00
Arley Hall & Gardens
Original Watercolour
Price: £85.00
St Ives Sunset
Original oil on canvas painted as a commission.
Price: £145.00
Red Rose SOLD
Original oil on boxed Canvas
Price: £125.00
The Champ, Commission
Original oil on Canvas
Price: £135.00
Bluebell Cottage Gardens, SOLD
Original Watercolour
Price: £65.00
Beach Pebbles
Original Watercolour
Price: £45.00
Woodland Walk. SOLD
Original Watercolour
Price: £95.00
Tryptic Sunset, SOLD
Original Oil
Price: £125.00
Winter Walk, SOLD
Original Watercolour
Price: £85.00
Secluded Lake, SOLD
Original Oil on Canvas
Price: £175.00
Wirral Sunset, SOLD
Original oil on Canvas. Commision
Price: £145.00
Lands End, Cornwall. SOLD
Original Pastel on Velour Paper.
Price: £95.00
Sam, Pet Portrait, SOLD
Original painting in oils
Price: £125.00
St Michaels Mount, SOLD
Original Oil on Canvas
Price: £120.00
The Copper Jug
Original oil on Canvas approx 16'' x 12''
Price: £375.00
Charge. SOLD
Original Acrylic on Canvas. Approx 16'' x 12''
Price: £185.00
Captain Jack Sparrow.
Original Oil approx 32'' x 22''
Price: £550.00
Original watercolour, done as a commission.
Price: £145.00
Lion's Head
Original Pastel, framed.
Price: £120.00
The Power of the Sea
Original oil, Framed, approx 30'' x 20''
Price: £500.00
Original oil, Framed 16'' x 12''
Price: £200.00
Grand Slam
Original Pastel on Velour
Price: £650.00
Original Watercolour 16x 12 Framed
Price: £180.00

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